Zamora Ki’s Introduction


” The lifes of the broken are just as well important as the ones who seem to own the world”

Hello, my name is Zamora Ki

I have had a rough time in life but who hasnt? but through all of that I have always had the passion to sing through my problems and design through my anger.

Growing up as a little girl I had this huge dream that in the future everyone would Know who I was and have respect for me and my talents and now I still have that dream. I am 16 years old and I sing, dance, design, write my own books, short stories, poems, and lyrics. Life has given me so many chances to make something out of myself and this is what I choose. I honestly believe that I was born to be a fashion designer. I have been drawing up designs since I was 5 and for me to be that young and know how to draw clothes I think thats great. I am a twin, the others name is Tyree, we are both adopted, and still in the same classes but its all fine 🙂

I hope that by the time that I am 25 that I will have my own business and that it will be big. Something the world has never seen before :).

Favorite Colors: Black, Pink and Red

Favorite Food: Pizza, shrimp, ramen noodle(beef)

Favorite Movie: N/A


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